Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spending Time in the Real World

Ever notice how we seldom complain we are spending too much time in the real world?  There is money to be made clocking, complaining, berating for time spent in the virtual world... but not so much in the face-to-face.  It's conference season in our world... @jdferries and I are stretching our introverted personalities to the extreme.  I thought I'd share some of our real world work - so those of you in our virtual circles don't feel neglected.  That said, we've made tons of new, real world friends!  (Singing that old Girl Scout ditty "Make new friends, but keep the is silver and the other gold)

Indiana Computer Educators Conference

A look at how we changed Professional Development from noun focused to verb focused.

JD has the other presentation posted on his side... check out Designing Toward Digital Citizenship: Rethinking Computer Curriculum over at Confessions of a School CIO.

Indiana Non-Public Education Conference (Educators)

A photo essay on What BYOT Looks Like at Brebeuf... played before presentation.
A revitalized classic presentation - looks at our discernment process leading to our 1:1 BYOT learning environment.

What the future brings...

  • Today (October 20, 2012 for those of you time shifting) we are off to ISTE's Leadership Summit here in Indianapolis.  Purely observers for this one!
  • Next week I head to an undisclosed location in the midwest to be part of an ISACS accreditation team (Woot!  That is one lucky independent school...)
  • November 13-18 we'll be at the JSEA Tech Directors Conference in New Orleans - our first keynote... it's going to be EPIC!  I think we'll make a Jen & JD Show episode of it.
And then we collapse into an introvert coma... once revived the blogs will once again flow.  Unless somewhere in the real world I get bored, annoyed or delayed at an airport.  Cheers!

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