Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ed Lingo Bingo

Because professional development webinars need a little "fun"... feel free to use at your next department viewing of your favorite education reform movie/webinar/network expose or article/book discussion.


  1. Since many K-12 faculty meetings are now scripted affairs where no teacher is permitted to raise a real subject, and are instead filled with phraseology from on high that signifies very little, it won't take long for anybody playing this "BS-Linngo" game to yell 'Bingo' at almost any faculty meeting.

  2. Sadly we've found it doesn't take long to BINGO as well.
    For those of you new to the blog - we are working on updated cards for 2014. Ideas from the audience are welcome. Check back :-)

  3. Although I am in favor of humor—especially when it lightens the heaviness of understanding important, yet complex ideas, or when it provides a needed distraction from banal and minimally engaging professional learning—I find the “Ed Lingo Bingo” professionally insulting.

    It suggests that teachers lack professional interest, or view theoretical and pedagogical ideas in teaching and learning with disdain.

    Given such “humor,” it’s not surprising that the general public and other professionals often view teachers as anti-intellectual and marginally competent.