Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BYOT Lesson Example: Biology Fish Bowl Activity

The other night on #BYOTChat, we were sharing lesson ideas for Bring Your Own Technology environments.  I mentioned the Fish Bowl activity completed in Freshmen Biology that week.  A Fish Bowl is a discussion activity model involving one group of students looking in on another smaller group.  The smaller group is participating in a discussion where they have researched a topic.  The outside group (picture watching fish in a bowl) observes and takes critical notes on the observed discussion.  Groups then flip roles.

Here's a better description

In a BYOT classroom, the teacher has more tools available to facilitate collaboration and research.  In this case, the teacher chose Google Docs and Google Chat (we are a Google Apps for Education school).  Images below are from the various activities (not complete - just snapshots).  So try out a Fish Bowl...

Focusing on mitosis and blood typing, students collaboratively researched given topic via Google Docs...

During the Fish Bowl activity, a Google Chat back channel was open for those observing.

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