Monday, February 8, 2010

Universal Design and Multiple Intelligences

Reflecting on US AP Comparative Government Wiki Project and Universal Design/Multiple Intelligences

These are notes on the readings as they might relate to a wiki project for AP Comparative Government. Students are charged with defining terms as identified by the College Board and posting one example of the term in real world action.

• Flexible Methods of Presentation
o Project was presented to large group with use of computer cart (one laptop
per student).
o SMARTBoard set up for visual directions.
o Oral directions from me and teacher.
o Print directions on handout that was then posted to online portal for later

• Flexible Method of Expression
o Students have rigid posting requirements (enter requirements).
o Students can add any link, photo, podcast, embedded video they wish

• Flexible Methods of Engagement
o Students can access the wiki 24/7 from any computer
o Students can add any link, photo, podcast, embedded video they wish
o Students are to articulate an example of each vocabulary term. They are
struggling but accepting the challenge!

Multiple Intelligences

The wiki does allow for learners to manage the learning process and value their individual strengths. It will appeal more to Verbal-Linguistic, Mathematical- Logical and Intrapersonal intelligences. The project will appeal less to Bodily-Kinesthetic and Interpersonal intelligences.

Thoughts for the project- Increase Universal Design implementation

1. Giving visually inclined (Artistic) students the option to use inserted
pictures as evidence/example of vocabulary.
2. Giving auditory inclined (Verbal-Linguistic) students the option to use
podcasting upload for evidence/example of vocabulary.
3. Giving kinesthetic inclined (Bodily) students the option to use original
video to create evidence/example of vocabulary.

Resources Outside of PBS Teacherline materials:
National Center on Universal Design on Learning

Concept to Classroom: Tapping into Multiple Intelligences

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