Monday, February 1, 2010

Social Bookmarking

I found this social bookmarking site on the TechCrunch blog. It's a beta product out of France. I am hooked.

Main URL is

My user name is 40ishoracle

This is a web-mapping style bookmark. Users create "pearls" by topic and then bookmark specific webpages. You can connect to other users pearls and even have conversations regarding the pearls. You can post to Twitter and Facebook directly out of the pearls. I receive an email when another user pearls the same thing as I have so I can check out their pearltree.


1. As a visual learner, I can not live without this product.

2. It's a global product so the community is really interesting.

3. Receiving emails when someone pearls the same thing as me has really helped me connect with other Ed Tech professionals. I love seeing what others find on the web.


1. The toolbar required to pearl pages occasionally crashed IE.

2. It's a beta so it could disappear or go to "pay to play" at any point.

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