Sunday, April 28, 2013

#BYOTchat #TeachTweet - Another Method of Professional Development

Last week I had the honor of moderating #BYOTchat in the Twitterverse.  We followed the #TeachTweet model developed by our colleagues across the Atlantic, #ukedchat.

What is a #TeachTweet you ask?  It's a series of video experiences on a topic - with reflections related to what you saw, heard or learned discussed through social media (in this case Twitter).  A common experience can generate a discourse community (see my last post) and the 5 videos we viewed together definitely generated some discourse!  The video format allowed us all to walk the halls of schools incorporating Bring Your Own Technology/Device... hearing from actual, real life students, faculty, administrators.  We then used Twitter to discuss, share, reflect and build on our common experience.

To see the whole chat - check out the #BYOTchat webpage.  Posts linking to videos are in red - helps to point out those Tweets in the midst of all the conversation!  Since this is my personal blog, I will shamelessly promote my less that professional video "Faculty Introduce Bring Your Own Tech at Brebeuf Jesuit" (yes, a long way before I get nominated for a Webby... but a gal has to start somewhere).

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