Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Jen and JD Show Episode 3 On Location

If you haven't noticed, JD and I are down in New Orleans for the annual BlackBoard World educational extravaganza. Check out the most excellent, and actually OFFICIAL (he got a button and everything), BlackBoard Blogger over at Confessions of a Jesuit School CIO for details of the event.  It's been a good week.  We've met some folks, learned a bit about why BlackBoard bought Edline (probably something to do with 20,000+ K-12 clients) and saw the sites of New Orleans.  We've been acting like people who don't ever leave the Midwest very often and posting pictures of food, churches and an epic riverboat cruise of the Mississippi shipping lanes on Twitter like crazy (and occasionally Facebook and Instagram) so feel free to peruse our 21st century chronicle of our adventures.

And we found time to film the ever growing in popularity (we're up to 20 views!)  Episode 3 of the Jen & JD Show!  Enjoy.

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