Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jen and JD Show: Episode 2

'Tis the season for road trips... JD is in San Diego with all you ISTE types.  And having a grand time learning about ePortfolios and making new friends from what I can tell on the Twitter feed.  I am off to Milwaukee for the JSEA (that's Jesuit Secondary Education Association) Symposium focusing on professional development.

We had a spare 20 minutes on Thursday so we filmed Episode 2 of the Jen and JD Show. I am sure actual blog posts with thoughtful written insight will be coming soon - but probably not this week.  In the meantime -Enjoy!

PS - This was a day off for me... thus the snazzy shorts and ponytail.  I was hauling my 2nd grader to science camp... don't judge.

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